Sunday, July 14, 2013

Photos From Last Redistricting Board Meeting

I posted my rough notes of the meeting just after it ended at 1:30pm.  Here are some photos.  And video sometime tomorrow.  Oh, there's no guarantee this is the last meeting.  If they are challenged in court there could be more meetings. 

This picture was taken after the meeting was over.  I'm sorry about the shut eyes I got in some of these. 

Board members (l-r) McConnochie, Holm, Torgerson, Green, Brodie after meeting

Here's the Board at the beginning of the 30 minute meeting.  In addition to the Board members (in the previous picture) there's Michael White and the stenographer (who's name I didn't get).

This is some of the audience - a couple more were behind me and a few others came after the picture.

Randy Ruedrich (left) was the head of the Republican Party and was at many of the Board meetings.  He also was the spokesperson for AFFER (Alaskans For Fair and Equitable Redistricting).  Tom Begich (middle) a Democratic political consultant and strategist, was a consultant for Calista.  Marcia Davis is Calista's attorney for redistricting.

In the end, the Calista map and the AFFER map were mostly the same.  Calista's Fairbanks was different and their Matsu didn't split the Borough.  AFFER's map splits the Kenai Borough twice.  The Board went with splitting Matsu twice and made their own Fairbanks map.

Above is the signed Proclamation Plan.  Chair Torgerson said that there was a typo in the signature page - a 'e' was left out of someone's name - so this wasn't ready immediately.  He didn't say, "And we'll add "adopted by unanimous vote" while we're add it.  I suspect they knew in advance.  In fact, when they get to the votes, I know I just have to type 5-0 because that's all they ever do.  But it would seem to me pretty obvious that even if they don't have more than two Board members meeting outside the public meetings, they have found a way to poll the members off the record on various things.  So they could type up "adopted by unanimous consent' before hand.

Here's a link to the Board's findings.

And another link to the Board's website page that has most of the documents for the new plan.

I've got some post-meeting videos that I'll try get later.


  1. Thanks for your continued coverage of the redistricting process these last few years. There was no other news outlet that gave it much coverage and this site filled a void.

  2. Seeing the coverage void the first week was why I kept blogging this, and after a while, it was to get it on the record for people who couldn't be there. Who knew it would take so long? But knowing there were people like you checking in helped me keep focused on this. Thanks back to you.


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