Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Leisurely Birthday Hike Grand Forest Bainbridge Island

My daughter asked me to bring the new camera along on this trip.  I've been lazy about taking it where I actually have to carry it - like on the plane - but a daughter's request has more power.  I'm still not anywhere near figuring this camera out, but these basic in the forest shots were ok.  With a little photoshop help you can get a sense of the forest trail.

The spider web was a little harder.  The auto focus didn't see the web at all, but I have figured out how to turn it off and use the manual focus, though it doesn't feel near as precise as my old film Pentax lens.

It was a really small web (maybe six inches across) and a tiny spider (it's in the middle of the web.)  You can click it to enlarge it.  But with film I wouldn't have it ready to post yet either.  

I still have to figure out how to work the manual speed and aperture.  When M tried to take this picture of me and Z in the old tree trunk, the speed was way too slow.  I'm trying to just figure it out by playing with the camera, but I think I'll have to check the manual.

But it was nice to be in the woods with my son and daughter, grand daughter and daughter-in-law. 

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