Friday, March 08, 2013

A Few Leftover Seattle Images

Batman and friends at Emerald City Comicon

Been busy catching up on errands and projects.  Here are some photos that didn't fit into other posts.  Last Sunday coming back from the hike we passed the Emerald City Comicon.  
Ferry Car deck coming into Seattle

Ethan Currier sculpture Winslow Harbor

More Comicon

Two Seattle statues

One of these statues moved. 


  1. I recognize the last statue on the left: Ivar Haglund, original owner of Ivar's on the Seattle waterfront, favorite of tourists and Seattleites alike.

    I invariably ate there whenever I had to drive into Seattle -- and watched the ferries come and go, and tourists feed the seagulls their leftover french fries.

    I remember one meal there at Ivar's when I displayed my ignorance about the "proper" way to cook a tuna steak. I sent it back because it was nearly raw, and asked them to cook it through (gently). Sorry, gourmands, but it tasted better to me that way. They cook cod and halibut through, don't they? Why not tuna?

  2. KaJo, I never got back here to thank you for filling in the information on the Ivar statue. I didn't know that. So thanks.


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