Saturday, February 09, 2013

Reptile Man, Soccer Game, And Pigs' Ears

Been busy with the family here.  Last night we went to see the Reptile Man at R's school. 

An hour of aligators and snakes.  The kids really ate it up.   A good way to welcome in the Year of the Snake. 

Today, we went over an hour - car and ferry - to Snohomish for T's soccer game.  It was gray and slightly drizzly the whole time, but I got to walk about 3.5 miles around the track while I watched the game. 

This turned out to be the winning goal was made in the first ten minutes or so.

Then, after a Pho lunch, we went to 99 Ranch in Lynnwood on the way back to the ferry to Kingston.  This is a huge Asian grocery store.  And on the day before Chinese New Year, it was really crowded.  But lots and lots of great things.  


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