Monday, July 01, 2019

Eclipse excitement - Finding The Best Spot To View

Carlos, who runs this ‘resort’, has sent me maps of how long the eclipse will be in totality in different locations. Five kilometers from here it will be one minute and 13 seconds. Sixty kilometers it will be over two minutes.  When I said we could walk that he said to take the dry riverbed and it would only be two km.  He also was talking about all the people who are here or coming. But we’re away from the crowds here.  But there are going to be concerts and other events he said.

Here’s Time and Date’s page for the San Juan eclipse.  Lots of cool stuff there.  Including a countdown clock.  Here’s what it said a minute ago.  Sunset will be pretty close to the end of the eclipse.

Countdown until eclipse begins


You can see the actual count down at the site.

There’s also a video showing how the moon will go before the sun.

My daughter and family just showed up and I got a long tight hug from my granddaughter whom I haven’t seen for several months. That’s why I have the energy to start this post now.

Here’s from the San Juan paper today
Miles de turistas extranjeros arribaron a San Juan para disfrutar el eclipse solar
30 de Junio de 2019 - 17:30 hs  | Por el fenómeno astronómico, la provincia es en protagonista a nivel mundial. Durante este fin de semana, llegaron visitantes de Europa, Estados Unidos, Japón, entre otros países. 

Which google translate renders as

Thousands of foreign tourists arrived in San Juan to enjoy the solar eclipse
June 30, 2019 - 5:30 p.m. | Because of the astronomical phenomenon, the province is the protagonist worldwide. During this weekend, visitors came from Europe, the United States, Japan, among other countries.

It goes on to list different events in different places.

This article talks about taking photos of a solar eclipse. Looks like I’m just going to watch because you need a solar filter and I don’t have one. But my daughter brought a bunch of eclipse glasses,

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