Monday, November 19, 2018

Gramping In And Around Seattle

Not much time for blogging.  Here are some pics.

After soccer Chinese lunch at Din Tai Fun.

Enjoying the sunny side of the ferry deck.

There's something about the lines of a skyline that call out to a camera.

And a jelly fish floating on the tide this morning.

Oh, I forgot the Saturday market.


  1. Steve,

    Don't miss Voula's Offshore Cafe on Northlake. My son and grandsons share with me a 30-year tradition of Saturday mornings sitting at the counter watching the frenetic kitchen. Hint: Greek hobo omelet.

    Bill Butler
    Ashlan Oregon

    1. Bill, you needed to tell us about Voula's when we had a kid at UW. You have to get up early to catch the ferry to get out there from Bainbridge. Not likely to happen with a three youngsters and their parents to coordinate. :)

  2. Excellent catching of the tension in the sports photo. Downright musical, too. Like a chord.


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