Friday, November 30, 2018

AIFF 2018: Earthquake Shakes Up Festival - Opening Night Cancelled While Bear Tooth Cleans Up

 I talked today and he said they were cleaning up damage and there'd be no films there tonight.  I even went by to see, but the door was locked and it's hard to see much, but what I could see didn't look damaged.

I can't find anything on the Film Festival Website, but their FaceBook page has this cryptic announcement I just found:

What exactly does this mean?  I called the Matanuska Brewing Company, where the after party was scheduled, thinking they might show films there.  But no.  No films there.  No after party.  But maybe folks will go there just to party.

I did go by the Bear Tooth this afternoon to see if I could assess the damage and whether they might be open tomorrow.  But it was all locked up.

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