Sunday, May 14, 2017

Fix Your Bike - Anchorage

I parked at my usual bike rack at UAA, but when I looked up, there was this strange new installation.

Lo and behold, it's a bike repair station.  There's a rack to hold the bike on top.  Tools hanging down at the bottom and a pump on the right.

But why here?  I can understand the pump.  But do you have to break down at this particular spot?  Fortunately, I took one more picture of this new feature.

So I could look this up.  I could buy one in red for $1,096.   But there's also a US map that shows all the places one can find these.  So I got the map for Anchorage.  (Well, it looks like I got the US map and you have to scroll up to Anchorage on your own.)

And today I got a tag-along bike through Craigslist for when my granddaughter comes to Anchorage in June.

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