Saturday, May 06, 2017

Family Time And SF Street Drama Adventure

Today was a family day with our son and daughter-in-law and their two kids.  A ferry ride to Sausalito and just some good time.  I'm slowed down a lot because the heel I thought was now ok, started acting up again.  It was last a short issue last August.  But J got me a small ankle brace and a cane and I was ok.  But we didn't push it.

There was a mystery yacht in the Sausalito harbor.  J found a reference to it as Attessa III or IV.  While it has the general shape of Attessa IV - including the helicopter - Attessa IV has much more sculpted lines.  And Attessa III seems much stubbier.  So it stays a mystery.   You can compare the different Attessas (owned by Montana billionaire Dennis Washington to the ship we saw (below.)


We went back by bus in different groups.  I had the last part on my own.  There was a bit of a ruckus at the back of the bus.  One guy was in a slightly different world than the rest of the riders.  He had a new white t-shirt covering his face from his nose down and was physically agitated and another passenger was saying he should get off the bus.  They weren't being aggressive, but it wasn't quiet either.  A woman nearby me was catching it on her iPhone - in case it escalated I guess. They guy came to the front of the bus and sat on the other side of the woman sitting next to me.  She was in her 50s or so and acted as if all was normal.  Some younger women moved to the back.  He went to the back of the bus.  The women came back to the front.  Then got off at the next stop.  At my stop, the woman next to me got off as well as three more younger women.  And the man.  Who crossed the street with all of us.  Then he started talking to one of the women who had pulled back from the cross walk and had gotten behind a bus stop shelter.  I didn't feel any personal threat so I told the woman to just walk with me and we'd go to the small lobby of my hotel just ahead.  She did and he followed and I positioned myself between them.  He asked for money and he'd leave us alone. We kept walking, I talked calmly, and we were getting close to the lobby.  Almost there and a police car pulled up and called him to stop harassing us.  While the officer was talking to him we went to the lobby.  She just needed to get to the end of the block and across the street to pick up her mail at a postal station.  So we walked together while the officer was still there with him.  When we got her mail, the police car was gone and we saw the man ahead at the corner where she needed to get the bus.  But as the next bus left, she saw him on it.  When we got to the corner, he wasn't there and she got her bus.  When I got back to the hotel lobby - it's really a 50s style motor in - the man at the desk said the officer had asked to see the man's id  and then let him go.  I don't think he ever touched the man.  They just talked, and the man did seem aware it was a police officer.

And, apropos nothing other than San Francisco, there was a Ouija Board exhibit at the airport.  It's spelled with an 'a' at the end, but when I was a kid they were called 'ouiji' boards.

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