Friday, August 19, 2016

Triomphe To Luis Vuitton Foundation's Frank Gehry Designed Museum

I'm in Paris, I don't have time to blog the way I'd like so here are some appetizers.  Two stops:  The Arc de Triomphe and the Louis Vuitton Foundation museum.   See this Vanity Fair story on this Frank Gehry creation.

A lot of people have walked these stairs to the Arc de Triomphe.

And then there was the Frank Geary designed Louis Vuitton Foundation museum yesterday.  So much to think about.  Main reactions, briefly - while I love Geary's work, the colors on the sails of this one set me off when I first saw it.  In many ways the building itself overpowers whatever is inside it, even though the exhibit rooms are huge and small and wonderful.

The building makes you question what a building is - the inside flows into outside, which was obvious because it was raining.  There was basically one exhibit - of contemporary, edgy Chinese artists including a tree by, perhaps, the most famous - Ai Wei Wei.  Enough said for now.

Such an incredible space to be in down inside/outside by the water.

Zhang Huan's Sudden Awakening.

Zhang Xiaogang's  My Ideal.

And my favorite part of the space, the sloping waterfall.  

Lots more to ponder, but there's a metro to catch.

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