Thursday, August 18, 2016

Eiffel Tower Pieces

We're in Paris, so naturally, I'm going to avoid the stereotypical things to do. Like go to the Eiffel Tower.  We spent our first morning wandering near our hotel - getting ten packs of public transportation tickets (carnets0 that are good on subways and busses and maybe something else.  We also got a sim card for J's new phone and walked the huge cementscapes at the  La Defense that our friends here in Paris and one of the books I'm reading  talked about with disdain.

But the magnetic pull of the Eiffel tower was too much and we used two of our new tickets to take the metro to the Eiffel Tower.  Here are some shots I took as I walked round it.  And then there are some extra shots - like the view from the plane landing Monday night and from the rooftop dinner Tuesday night.

People lined up to buy tickets.  It didn't look too bad. 


This was the nicest view, from the north.

Look carefully and you can see a couple of people on their way down from a climb up the tower.   You may have to click on the image to focus it.

He saw me with the camera.  I signed could I take his picture.  He signed ok.  I took the picture.  He put his hand out for money.  I offered to delete the picture.  He nodded no, that was ok. (Yes, I'm assuming the clown was a he.  But we assume about everyone don't we?)

Security wears a lot more clothes today than the guy with the horse in the background

From across the Seine

There were lot and lots of towers for sale starting at 3 for a Euro to 5 Euros each for the smallest.

And in addition to towers, selfie-sticks were for sale in abundance too.  Here two young men take their picture with the tower in the background across the river.

This was our first view of the tower flying in Tuesday night.  It's a  little below and to the right of center.  Click to enlarge and focus.

We could see the tower and the rising moon again after a rooftop dinner with the people we're here to celebrate a significant birthday with.

When you look carefully through a lens, you see a lot more than when you just look.  Of course, if you paint something, you have to look even more carefully.  One of the things I noticed through the lens was the gallery of names on all four sides of the tower.  When I get a chance I'll do a post on them.

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  1. Paris is beautiful in so many ways. And you're having good weather (not mid-high 30s as it can so often be in August). Enjoy!


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