Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Alaska Airlines Mediterranean Tapas Is All Packaged Processed Food In A Box

We fly Alaska Airlines a lot.
For the most part I'm pleased with Alaska.
They're updating all their planes to have outlets at every seat and most flights we take along the west coast are the updated ones.
And their 20 minute baggage guarantee means you almost always get your luggage in 20, maybe 30, minutes after the plane gets to the gate and opens the door.  I remember waiting 45 minutes or more for luggage, so this is a good deal.

But we flew east yesterday from Seattle.  An old plane.
The crew was still good.
And I'd seen Mediterranean Tapas on the menu on the last flight.  Sounded good.  A vegie option.

Oh dear.

Tapas.  My image is lots of little plates with delicious plates of Mediterranean dishes.

Alaska Airlines' image is a brown cardboard box.

Jusr as bad was when we opened it.

Instead of an array of fresh items, we saw a bunch of sealed bags - dried apricots, olives, salty chips, hummus, and a chocolate.

OK, what did I expect for $6?

But to call this 'tapas' bordered on presidential candidate truth.

The box was to tapas, as a tanning machine is to the beach.

Fortunately, when we got to Chicago, L took us to The Grape Leaf, a tiny neighborhood restaurant, that had real Mediterranean food.  Here's a shot of my granddaughter's lentil soup.  (Yes, she and her mom came with us to visit friends and lots of relatives who we want to reconnect with after my mom's passing last year. And one side benefit is that she and I got to walk in the swirling snow today, something Anchorage folks haven't been able to do much of this year.  Though nothing looks like it's going to stick.)

When we got home after dinner and I finally got online for the first time yesterday, I had an email from Alaska Airlines addressed to my granddaughter.

They do have on their records that she's only 3 years old.  But it gave me an opportunity to let them know how I felt about Mediterranean tapas.  And last time I filled out one of their surveys they sent me a $50 discount on my next flight.  As I said up front, as airlines go these days, Alaska isn't bad at all.  But the tapas meal was really disappointing.

[I'm reposting because Feedburner isn't picking the original up.  Meanwhile, snow is sticking on most surfaces except the streets.]

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