Tuesday, February 02, 2016

1491s Get Serious With Humor

The 1491s  started off joking back and forth - see the first video - then moved into more serious talk.

They showed their video Smiling Indians and talked about how it got tons of racist comments on YouTube and even on their NPR interview.  They said that NPR took down the comments and they thought they should be kept up.  The movie was dedicated to Curtis, the photographer who took pictures of non-smiling Indians in the 1800s.  This movie was to show smiling Indians.

Their Facebook page.

They showed a film about domestic violence they made (which i can't find on Youtube.) They tried to make one that focused on the man and the impact on the child. Very powerful.

Then they talked about how they questioned the idea that 'we live in two worlds' and argued that we needn't keep the worlds separate and made some videos on that theme called Represent.

A truly incredible part of this workshop is the many different media that are being used in the conversation here about racial equality. The artwork on the stage behind all the speakers powerfully sends a message as well. There is other artwork in the room including an artist who is actively painting during the workshop. We've got humor here tinged with serious stories. The music wasn't simply entertainment, rather it was part of the conversation. Well, things aren't over yet. It's only 10am and we've got the rest of the day to go.

 You can watch this stuff live online.

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