Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Sun Follows Rain, Plus Anyone Remember Bank Books? Beach Boys, Nimoy

A shorty today as we realize we don't have much time left here and there's still so much to clean up.  Not that we'll finish, but at least the house won't look like someone's trashed it.

Rain was falling when we got up,  Got harder during the day.  But it's let up now and there's sunshine breaking through the clouds.

And as I was going through this stuff, I realized that lots of people probably have no idea about bank books.  Those little books we had to take to the bank and they'd write in the amount we deposited or withdrew.  Makes me feel like a Neanderthal.

OK, a little more.  I opened one envelope and found these pictures.

OK, that's it.  Back to work.

[Sorry for those seeing this reposted - Feedburner problems again. This seems to be getting all too common.]

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