Saturday, January 16, 2016

Snow, But Still Out Of Synch

I posted a picture of our snow free back yard the other day.  It's white again.  But according to the ADN today, businesses in town that depend on snow and cold are hurting and that we have had very little snow this year.

image from Alaska Dispatch News

And that three inches all came in the last week.

Their other charts show we have had more snow than last year - which was a record low snow year, but we've had more "no snow depth" days than last year, only six days (through Jan 15) behind the record "no snow depth' year to this date - 2007-2008.


  1. Ottawa and Alaska have a lot in common re snowfall. We had a green and warm (64 F) Christmas Eve and no snow until the following weekend (10 inches), but having had NO SNOW until then was easy on walking, but hard on those whose incomes depend on it falling ...and staying.

    My husband is a plein air oil painter and about half his income comes from winter paintings. People don't think of these guys! He now says he will have to do double time outside (in, the very cold) for the next few months, when he expects spring to be early. We live in interesting times...

    Who knew Canadians would miss it so much when we all bitch about it?

    1. I like the link. A sort of anti-internet statement. But as you wrote it, it didn't work. It's just
      And I did learn about plain air - I guess a good hand warming system would help.


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