Monday, October 19, 2015

How Big Is A Costco Large Egg?

I was moving eggs from the 18 egg carton to a 12 egg carton that fits in our egg tray.  I couldn't help but wonder at the different sizes.  These eggs all came from a Costco egg carton that said Large.

But these eggs were radically different sizes as you can see.

I looked up how big eggs should be for each grade and found this useful piece in the Kitchen blog - though its focus was on whether you could substitute a large egg for a medium in a recipe.  Not on honest labeling.

I don't have a food scale - though my new bread book strongly suggests I get one - so I just had to eyeball it.  One egg is about 2 inches long and the other closer to 3 [2.5] inches.

Costco, who's grading your eggs?


  1. RE: Food scale.

    I recommend a digital scale. You'll find a lot of them for sale by different manufacturers, many priced as low as $9.95.

    Stay away from the inexpensive ones. We went through two of the $9.95 scales until we purchased an

    OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Food Scale with Pull-Out Display
    $49.95 at Amazon.

    Sturdy, clear instructions. Ours has been in use for 5 years and it's as good as new.

    The handiest feature is the ZERO feature. If you want to weigh something but it needs to be in a bowl or other container:
    -- Turn the scale on.
    -- Put the empty container on the scale; the scale indicates the weight of the container.
    -- Hit the ZERO button and the scale subtracts the weight of the container, display shows 0; put whatever you are weighing into the container and you get the weight of the product, not of the container.

    1. I did stop my Modern Photography subscription after about a year because I didn't want to know about all the expensive stuff I couldn't have. But a scale sounds useful. I could also use it to weigh envelopes too, right?
      I did check your Tea Party blog and this makes me wonder if you can set it at zero, then weigh what they say to see if there is any substance to it. Does it show negative weight?


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