Friday, October 09, 2015

Bullets For Better Brains Law - Feedburner Not Pinging Post

Not sure what to do here.  Feedburner sends blog posts off to blog rolls that list other blogs.  Usually it works, but sometimes it doesn't.  I put up "Bullets For Better Brains Law" yesterday, but it hasn't reached blog rolls that list this blog.  I've tried reposting it.  I've gone through the HTML to see if some screwy script was the problem.  I've tried posting via Safari instead of Firefox.  Nothing seems to matter.

So I'm doing this post to see if it will make it to blog rolls and then people can go to the link to see the other post.  So, here's the link again.

Looking for a link to put in for Feedburner, I got to the page that lists this blog.  It said I could subscribe to find out if there was trouble with my blog's feedburner.   I did.  it said everything is fine.

Good to know, but why isn't it pinging to blogrolls?

[update 9:40am  - this one worked.  Why didn't the other?  Mysteries of the web.]

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