Thursday, June 18, 2015

UAA Proposes Shut Down of 24 Certificate, One BA, One MS, 17 Minors

The UAA Provost's office sent out an email today summarizing program cuts and changes pending Board of Regents approval.  This excerpt identifies the cuts.
"Following discussions with the deans and other academic leaders, I concur with the recommended actions brought forward. As a result of the prioritization process, 24 certificate programs, one associate degree program (AAS in Computer Information Systems), one baccalaureate program (BA in Dual Languages) and one master's level degree program (MS in Career and Technical Education) will be eliminated pending approval from the Board of Regents (BOR). In addition, three master's level programs in engineering will be deleted: two of these, MS in Applied Science and Technology and the master's of Applied Environmental Science and Technology to be collapsed into the MS in Civil Engineering, and the other, MS in Science Management, will be collapsed into the MS in Science and Engineering Management. UAA also will eliminate 17 minors.
In addition to these actions, a few programs have plans to transform a major or minor in order to better meet the demands of our students and state. Each program that's been identified for transformation has specific benchmarks that will be used for evaluation during the next few years. Finally, there are a small number of programs that will require additional analysis before a decision is made; we expect that work to be done soon. Each college has a detailed list of programs undergoing transformation; memos describing those changes by college can be found here.
Admission to programs slated for deletion will be suspended soon. Students currently enrolled in these programs will be allowed to finish their course of study before the program is phased out completely. Minors slated for elimination will be dealt with similarly. Typically, it takes two to five years to teach out a program before deletion. Academic policy requires BOR approval for degree program eliminations; UAA will present the BOR with a list of proposed deletions this fall."

Click here for the full letter and details of the programs to be transformed.  

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