Thursday, June 25, 2015

LA - Anchorage 3: Coming Home Around Midnight

About 15 minutes out of Anchorage, we're flying over the water, mountains, and glaciers of Prince William Sound.  It's almost midnight, the sun's been down about 20 minutes. 

Now we're over Cook Inlet.  Two different waters side by side.

The summer green on the mudflats at the edge of the runway.

This series of pictures is of the waters flowing at the end of Turnagain Arm.  You can see the much smaller line of  the Seward Highway as it makes its long slow turn around the end of the Arm.  It starts on the right just below the middle and goes across to the left and then curves back to the right.  It's clearer in some of the images than others.

Each Photoshop tool allows you to see something different in the image.  The letters didn't come out so well, but for those with an interest, these are the tools I used:
A.   Posterize filter
B.   Image adjustments - invert
C.   Image adjustments - equalize  - very close to the original
D.   Fresco filter
E.   Image - curves

I am working on other posts, just haven't gotten all the information quite right yet.  

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