Friday, January 02, 2015

Parking Ticket Follow Up

I wrote about a parking ticket I got Monday night.  I felt I had done what was reasonable to figure out the parking restrictions on this block with six parking places - all identical curb marking and parking meters- except it turned out the last two were passenger loading only.

We happened to be on that street tonight (Friday) coming home and I thought, let's see if people are parked there tonight.

Well, it's Friday night, and this is what it looked like:

The two parking places that are passenger loading, were clearly marked off with the valet parking sign at the point where the 5th parking space on the block begins.  I've circled the parking meters in yellow.  There's no way anyone would miss this.

Looking back from the parking meter where we parked (circled in yellow again), there's the umbrella and valet parking set up.

OK, with this extra signage, it's clear not to park there.  There were no signs on Monday.  A car was parked in the fifth space and we parked in the sixth space - the two metered spots starting where the valet parking sign is in the street to the umbrella and attendant stand.

So, from the restaurant's point of view - they only intended this for the weekends.  Yet the parking enforcement is ticketing people on other days of the week.  We were there Monday.  There was no valet parking then and no reason for people to avoid those parking spots.  Or any reasonable way to figure it out unless you were OCD or had been burned by the LA Parking Authority before.

OK, before someone writes to explain OCD and why I'm wrong, I'm using hyperbole.  OCD is usually for behaviors like washing hands, locking doors, turning off the stove, etc.  But if someone lived in LA and had to find a new parking place everyday, they too might keep checking to make sure there wasn't some sign on the block that had a special application to the space they were in, even though the signs they did check said it was ok to park.

[UPDATE Jan 28:  The resolution at  this post]

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