Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Inside The Disney

Sunday we went to a concert at the Disney Concert Hall.  I've loved this Frank Gehry building from the first time I saw it, but we'd never been to a concert there.  Here's an earlier post with more pictures of the exterior.

A Sunday afternoon concert also gave us an opportunity to try the
Expo line from Culver City to downtown for the first time too.

We quickly rode along Exposition past USC and the Coliseum and various museums at Exposition Park and were in downtown in less than 30 minutes.  Here's the Pico stop at the Staples Center.  We got out at the 7th St. station and walked around downtown.

I just liked this address.  They're big.  And 8's are  good luck in Hong Kong.

We walked by the LA Police Department - the sign says

#BLMLA Demands:
  1.  The immediate firing of the the officers who killed Ezell Ford
  2.  The Immediate filing of murder charges by DA Jackie Lacy
The curb says “Trees Matter - this concrete is illegal - Let us grow."

Eventually we were inside the Disney.  I loved the hall and the acoustics were great.  I wasn't expecting too much from the concert - a New Year's Concert Salute To Vienna - which seems now to be a syndicated package of concert entertainment, piggy backing off the live concerts from Vienna.  The program lists groups of singers, dancers, and conductor going to various US cities.  One group to Philadelphia, New York, New Brunswick, Scranton, and DC.  Another to Coral Springs, West Palm Beach, and Miami.  Yet another to Florida - Clearwater, For Myers, and Sarasota.  One to San Diego and LA.  And one concert in Austin.  But the music in the hall sounded good and I was particularly taken by the voice of baritone Thomas Weinhappel.

Here's the orchestra warming up before the concert.

Then we left and took the train back to Culver City and drove home.

Can you tell I'm rushed?  I've got a bunch of posts and other tasks open but not finished.  The cold LA weather has changed to hot again.  And we're getting ready to head home.  Lots to do.

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