Saturday, October 18, 2014

AIFF 2014: Latvia, Kyrgyzstan, Hungary, Poland - Some Countries Getting Features Into Anchorage International Film Festival 2014

The Anchorage International Film Festival is just around the corner - Dec. 5 - 14.  The films selected for the festival recently were announced, and if I weren't ping-ponging between Anchorage and LA to look in on my mom, I would have had this up earlier.  But here's a quick look at the features selected.  Those checked as being "In Competition" were selected by the judges to be in the running for a Golden Oosik Award.

You can check out the AAIF website to get more details of these films and information about the films in the other categories.

Feature, at AIFF, means 'fiction films over 55 minutes.'


Title Director(s) Country Runtime In Competition

6 Bullets To Hell Tanner Beard Spain, USA 80m
The Ambassador to Bern Attila Szász Hungary 77m
Appropriate Behavior Desiree Akhavan USA 90m
Come to My Voice [Were Denge Min] Huseyin Karabey France, Germany, Turkey 90m
I Believe In Unicorns Leah Meyerhoff USA 80m
Kurmanjan Datka [Queen of the Mountains] Sadyk Sher-Niyaz Kyrgyzstan 136m
Listening Khalil Sullins USA 98m
The Lookalike Richard Gray USA 100m
Mr. Intangibles Ben Bolea USA 82m
Porch Stories Sarah Goodman Canada 73m
Rocks In My Pockets Signe Baumane USA, Latvia 88m
Sacrifice Michael Cohn USA 105m
The Secret Sharer Peter Fudakowski United Kingdom, Poland 103m
Teacher of the Year Jason Strouse USA 82m
These Hopeless Savages Sean Lewis USA 87m


  1. For how long have you been covering this? I feel the change of seasons when this comes up every year!

  2. Are you sure it wasn't the leaves in the previous post? The first one was 2006.


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