Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Heavy Early Voting Yesterday

I finally made it to vote early yesterday over on Gambell.  I got there about 1:30 pm.

I've never seen the early voting so crowded.  There were about eight people in line in front of me and all the voting booths were full.

People working there said last Monday (the first day of early voting) they had about 800 or 900 and they thought yesterday was going at the same pace.  That's about 100 voters per hour.  This is the main early voting spot in Anchorage, so there are people from all precincts.  And maybe I was there at a particularly crowded moment.  But candidates are trying to get their supporters to vote absentee or early.  

You can check the hours this week - through Sunday - at this link. 


  1. Hi, for a while now I've been trying to get people in Alaska to notice that Shannyn Moore was probably correct and that the 2008 election results in Alaska were fraudulent, but it's been an uphill battle against my Asperger's Syndrome, which keeps me from articulating the my case clearly and succinctly in emails or phone calls.

    More to the point it's likely that the electoral fraud was ordered by Sarah Palin and the threat of this being revealed in 2009 precipitated her resignation.

    I've prepared this blog/Youtube Channel laying out my evidence, and am now passing it around to all the Progressive/Political AK bloggers I can find.


    I hope you'll look at it carefully and consider sharing on your blog. The case is complex and technical, but you can get by by watching/reading Introduction, Evidence 3 and maybe 4, and the first Conclusion video/blog post.

    Hope you find the info interesting,

    John Foelster

  2. John, can you email me? I'd like to ask some questions. Email is at upper right just above blog archive.


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