Thursday, July 17, 2014

Lightning Fires In Oregon

5:15pm PDT July 17, 2013

I need a little help here identifying where this is.  I think it's Mt. Hood, but I'm not sure.  We were flying on Alaska Airlines from Seattle to LA.  The plane seemed to be flying a more western route than normal.  I'm putting the times on the photos and maybe Oregon readers can confirm the locations.

5:10 pm

5:11 pm

5:12 pm

5:18 pm

I'm guessing the picture above is the Three Sisters.

5:25 pm
And I have no idea about this peak.  [UPDATE Aug. 10, 2014:  Victoria (who has great photos up) left a comment identifying this as Mt. Thielsen.  Thanks Victoria.]

Crater Lake (east side) 5:27pm

For more information on fires in Oregon, go to this link.


  1. Your "have no idea" peak may be Mt. Washington.

  2. Your photo with time stamp of 5:25pm is Mount Thielsen, Douglas County, OR., and its less than 10 miles from Crater Lake.

    1. Thanks so much Victoria. Your comment led me to a great page on Mt. Thielsen. Looks like a great destination. And the pictures on your site are great! I love the macro, the bugs, and flowers.


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