Sunday, July 27, 2014

Back Into Anchorage

We flew in a little after midnight.  It's nearly the end of July, over a month past the solstice,  but it was still early twilight.  The bump on the horizon in the middle is Denali.  Anchorage is the foreground - most of Anchorage is actually to the right of the actual picture.  The 'lights' in the Matanuska Valley across the inlet from Anchorage, in the background,  are small bodies of water reflecting the sky.

A little earlier, we were over Prince William Sound and Denali and Foraker (to the left) were more visible. 

My better camera was in the overhead, so I had to make do with my Canon Powershot. It's a little grainy, but you get a sense of the magical view I had.

I'm starting to feel like my life is one continuous departure, but it was good to see my mom and, on the way home, my daughter and granddaughter and the rest of their family.

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