Sunday, April 27, 2014

Get Your Bikes Out - Trails Are Clearing

Last week on the Campbell Creek trail east of Lake Otis (south of Tudor) the trail was mostly snow and ice, but today it was clear all the way to Elmore.  I'd show you pictures, but my camera was free of its sound card.  There are even buds starting on a birch tree in front of the house.  People who used last year's cold May - it snowed the 21st - as evidence that global warming wasn't happening, have this year to remind the there's a difference between weather and climate and there can be annual variations.  But overall things are getting warmer each year and I've got some sweet pea seeds I'm soaking overnight to plant outside tomorrow.  (When we got to Anchorage in 1977, the rule of thumb was not to plant anything outside before June 1.)

I don't know how Chester Creek trail is doing;  anyone try that out this weekend?

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