Monday, April 28, 2014

Cloud Show

The clouds were putting on a show this afternoon when I went out for an errand.  A nice thing about traveling by bike, there's nothing between you and the sky and you can stop easily to take it all in.  Despite being almost 60˚F (16˚C), there was a cooling, more-than-light breeze and the clouds were moving and reshaping.

The cumulus was up against this other clouds with streaks going up and to the left.  Looked on Wikipedia's cloud page which has been helpful in the past, but couldn't figure out the cloud on the left.

This cloud was hanging over 36th and stretched way out toward the Chugach mountains.

And I passed by where Nino's Italian Eatery used to be.  It looks like the Department of Transportation, which bought the building two years ago,  has removed the building completely now.  Eventually they plan to reconfigure the turn from New Seward from south to west on 36th in this spot.

You can see how fast those clouds were moving.  This picture looks east toward New Seward and 36th.  The sky is mostly blue and it wasn't more than three or four minutes later that I took the other pictures from 36th on the other side of New Seward. 

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