Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Views Never Get Old - Anchorage To LA

After nearly a foot of fresh snow Friday night, the sun came out Saturday and it was beautiful.   You can feel the warmth of the sun in March which isn't true in January.  I really was wondering why I was leaving.  Oh yes, to visit my mom and son.  We added a quick trip to San Francisco from LA.  It would be a lot easier if we could stop in SF on the way down or up, but it was much cheaper to just fly to LA and then add the SF trip to that.  Ah, the joys of airline ticket pricing.

With the weather pattern we had, we took off to the east right over town so we had a close up look of Anchorage with fresh snow. 

Bigger and sharper if you click on it

To the left of center is the Seward Highway-Dimond intersection.  It's NOT a black and white photo.

And here's a view of more of snowy Anchorage.

According to the passenger next to us who was from Soldotna, the weather pattern caused a United flight to Anchorage to land in Kenai.  Problem was when they were supposed to proceed on their trip to Anchorage, they had a security problem.  Kenai doesn't have big passenger jets landing there and if there are fewer than 50 passengers, they don't have to go through security.  So Kenai doesn't have the necessary security for a big plane.  Not sure what they did.  (I checked to see if the ADN already covered this story.  They did talk about it, but not the security part. So read this as something heard, but not confirmed.)

Our route to Prince William Sound was a little different and I saw some different views, also partly because of all the fresh snow.  I need to find a geologist or glaciologist to find out about the patterns in the snow.

These are all better if you click them

And there wasn't much to see until we arrived in LA.  Still trying to learn how all the different options work on my Canon Rebel.  So the color is a little off in this night shot.

We've been arriving early so often on these flights that I'm beginning to think they overestimate the times so that their on time arrival record is better.  And this time I got pre-screened and J had to go through the regular security.  With my back not completely better yet, that was nice.  I had to go through regular twice on the last trip while J got pre-screened. 

[The last post doesn't seem to have been caught by feedburner.  I thought we were over those problems.]

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