Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Studying My Canon Rebel Instruction Manual Flying Over Magnificent Alaskan Views

I have no excuse. If it's clear and daylight as we return to Anchorage, I simply can't stop staring out the window and snapping pictures.

We flew up Turnagain Arm right past Girdwood. 

And here's a look back down Turnagain Arm as we came into the airport. 

When we left LA, there were lots of small puffy clouds and I took a lot of pictures.  And they all turned out white.  I'd had it on manual for when we flew in ten days ago at night and the ISO was 3200.  So all my pictures were just white. 

That stirred me to do more reading in the manual for my Canon Rebel.  I still think there are way too many things to remember, but I did go through some of the settings and the options for those settings.  As we got out of the clouds - at the northern end of Vancouver Island - and then started to see the coastal mountain ranges, I took a series of pictures using the mountain setting and then trying out different Ambiance settings.  It's sort of like using different filters.

 If you click on the strip below and magnify it, you'll be able to see the labels better.

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