Tuesday, November 05, 2013

UAA Redistricting Panel and the Disappearing Panelists

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First, I expect that the Board's attorney, Michael White, who has asked for postponement of the redistricting trial because of his serious illness, will be replaced by Nichole Corr his associate on this project.   [UPDATE 10pm - I was delighted to see that Mike White did show up and while he has some trouble talking because of the surgery in his mouth, once he got going, we had a lively exchange of ideas. I'll put up a link to the podcast UAA made when it's available.]

Second, I learned yesterday that Albert Kookesh, will not make it to the panel.

That leaves the blogger, who is still planning to be there, and is taking good care of himself to increase the odds that nothing untoward happens to him on the way to the panel this afternoon.

So, Today - Tuesday Nov. 5 - 
from 5-7pm
Redistricting Panel
UAA Bookstore

*Free Parking for this.  Coming from Lake Otis on 36th/Providence turn left at the first traffic signal.  Turn right into the parking lot and the bookstore is the big mirror glass building.  The panel will be upstairs in the Mac store on campus.

You can ask all the questions you want about redistricting and we'll try to make sense out of this  But let me warn you, it doesn't totally make sense to me. 

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