Saturday, November 23, 2013

Leaving Seattle - Sun on Water, Ferries, and Ranier

We had five days on Bainbridge with my daughter and granddaughter and the rest of the family.  My son was there for the last couple of days too.  And it was sunny the whole time.  Now we're back with my mom in LA.

I realized when it was too late to go back, that I didn't have my pocket camera with me.  But I did have the big camera and so I got better pictures flying out than I would have.

All of these pictures are much better if you click and enlarge them.

The ferry is a big part of life for people living on Bainbridge Island.  It's a 35 minute ride to downtown Seattle.   For walk-ons, it's free from Bainbridge to Seattle, but not the other way.  And cars always cost. I've posted pictures here of the ferry most times I'm here.   So I enjoyed our bird's eye views of the ferry today as we left Seattle on a flight to San Francisco and then to LA.  The seem big when you're on one, but so small in this shot.

This one's headed back to where we started this morning - Bainbridge Island.

That's Mt. Ranier in the background, the mountain that looms over Seattle on clear days.

And here's a closer look from further south.

I'm afraid I'm starting to sound repetitive here with all this back and forth between Anchorage, Los Angeles, and Seattle, but it's time to be with my mom as much as I can, but also with my grand daughter.  And watching one lose abilities as the other one gains them makes me ponder life and family and generations and death. 

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  1. Soon after my mother died in hospital, Eugene and I were walking out the front door only to hear the wail of a new-born. That sound-image has remained with me and will until I leave this life.


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