Monday, August 12, 2013

Why I Live Here: Sunday Hike At Bird Ridge On Drizzly Sunday Afternoon

The clouds were low and the windshield wipers were on, and Turnagain Arm is still spectacular. 

Driving south, the mudflats are on the right and the rocky slopes are on the left. 

I knew the Bird Ridge trail went up, but I'd forgotten just how steeply.   We took our time and enjoyed the wet and green vegetation and the views when there was an opening through the trees.

very green and shiny devil's club leaves and red berries

The trail
Even though it was wet, it wasn't muddy or slippery. 

The ability to slip out of town and get out into this relatively wild and absolutely magnificent space in half an hour is one of the things that ties me to Anchorage.  Even though we've been here over 35 years, it never gets old, never ceases to amaze.

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