Saturday, August 31, 2013

Alaska Wine Guy Coming Soon Next To Sagaya's

Yamato Ya was in this space for years and years and moved out last year across the intersection and so as I walked my bike by the entrance and saw someone inside I was curious what was coming next.  I was too close to the building to see the new sign right above me.  Tom Faughnan came out and explained that the Wine Guy would be opening - if all goes well - some time in September.  He explains it all in the video.


The mid-September seems a bit optimistic considering where they are now.

This video is an example of trying to avoid other things I should be doing.  I had pulled back so I could see the sign, but Tom's head was then this tiny blob at the bottom.  So thinking about how to make it more interesting, I thought I might just drop the head from near the sign.  Well, that was kind of dumb until I thought about putting in wine bottle.  It looked much better when I was editing it in iMovie.  I put it up on YouTube, but the result messed up the sound synch with the picture.  Commercial videographers need not fear any competition from me. 

[Youtube video replacing Viddler video 3/11/14]

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