Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Crowded Bike Racks, More Downed Trees, and Flying Debris, Cason and Cage

Wasn't quite sure what to make of this sign.
 The bike rack in front of the UAA administration building was full, and even had a notice on where the nearest backup rack was.  Five years ago this never would have happened.

Drew Cason spoke tonight at the UAA bookstore on a project he did this semester - landscape value mapping in the University district.  Using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) he mapped survey data to specific spots in the university area.  Cool project.

Tomorrow there will be a presentation in the same spot - upstairs in the campus bookstore, where they sell computer equipment - celebrating composer John Cage's 100th birthday.  Sean Licka from Art,  composer (and blogger) Phil Munger from Music, and Chris Sweeney, also Music, will be there to comment on Cage's music and life.

Cage is considered one of the great, if non-traditional, American musicians of the 20th Century.

3-5pm at the UAA bookstore - free admission and free parking
Thursday September 13, 2012
"I was disturbed both in my private life and in my public life as a composer. I could not accept the academic idea that the purpose of music was communication, because I noticed that when I conscientiously wrote something sad, people and critics were often apt to laugh. I determined to give up composition unless I could find a better reason for doing it than communication. I found this answer from Gira Sarabhai, an Indian singer and tabla player: The purpose of music is to sober and quiet the mind, thus making it susceptible to divine influences. I also found in the writings of Ananda K. Coomaraswammy that the responsibility of the artist is to imitate nature in her manner of operation. I became less disturbed and went back to work." John Cage

Evening walk to Goose Lake Tuesday night.

And more downed trees. 

This one even took out the bottom of the chain link fence when it toppled over pulling up its roots and a good chunk of earth.  Saw a number like this one - the earth pulled up, not the fence.

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