Thursday, September 06, 2012

Anchorage Student Blogs From Buenos Aires

Sophie is the daughter of friends here in Anchorage and she's studying in Buenos Aires for five months (then off to Oxford for a term) and blogging.  Here's an excerpt from one of her posts:
On Thursday I went to Spanglish, a program held in bars around Buenos Aires Thurs-Sat to allow locals and foreigners to practice their Spanish or English (they also operate in Madrid). The program I’m on (IFSA) had sent out an email about it a while ago, but I didn’t RSVP until this time. When I got there, I was assigned a table number and left to mingle for about half an hour. After that, they told us to find our tables and begin talking to our partner (in my case, always an Argentinian) in one language for five minutes. After that they came around twice more: once to tell us to switch languages and once to tell the English-speaker in the pairing to move up one table. It was like speed dating and it was a lot of fun. I made several porteño (local - from BsAs) friends, which leads me to my next story…
She's using tumbler.  Here's a link to Sophie's Adventures Abroad.

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