Friday, October 21, 2011

How to Put a Link in Your Blogspot Comments

Over the years Blogspot has made it easier for bloggers to automatically insert links and pictures, etc. without knowing HTML.  But they haven't done that for commenters.  In the last couple of days I've had comments with long url's in them.  It's not that hard to put in the link.  (When I wanted to write this post before, I couldn't write the HTML without blogspot interpreting the code.  Now they have an option (in Post Settings, Options, Compose mode, Show HTML literally.)  So, here goes.

The basic code is:

<a href="[put url here]">[words that will be linked]</a>

So, between the "quotation marks", insert the url you want to send people to.  Between the > < put the text you want to have the link.  You might just want to have the url itself linked.

Sample Code

Check out <a href= "">Tomás' new website</a>.

When blogspot publishes your comment (and in the preview mode) it should look like this:

Check out Tomás' new website.  

(You really should check out his new website.)

[Note for the technically curious:  I was afraid I wouldn't be able to have both "Show HTML literally" and "Interpret typed HTML in the same post.  After all, if I changed the setting under options, wouldn't that change it for the whole page?  So I copied the whole post and then I went into HTML mode to do the line above and it seems to have worked.]


  1. thanks, Steve! I never knew how to do this and have wished I did

  2. RMS - I deleted two comments from another post this morning because they just said 'nice' and had links to their websites. Violation of my comments policy. But I'm leaving yours because, while it does take us back to your website, it does it using the idea in the post itself. Clever. I like it.

    Glad it helped. It's always nice to know that people find something useful here.

  3. Replies
    1. It's work! But sometimes I see some blog doesn't show HTML tag, why?

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. Not trying to invade your blog space, but the art installation with the Raven sun moon and stars I thought I had seen elsewhere in Anchorage? The one I remember is on the freeway wall and I thought the raven carried streamers in his beak which trailed behind him and broke into stars? From time to time my work has taken me to Alaska, but my home is in New Zealand. I was trying to describe this art installation to a friend and thought I would find an image of it on the Internet but your post closest I've got. Can you shed any further light on this? Advance thank you! Kelly Aitken

  6. Kelly, you can find a picture of part of that sculpture here. It's at Lake Otis and Tudor. The wall isn't a freeway wall, but a retainer to hold up a hill on top of which sits St. Mary's Episcopal Church. It's my favorite 2% for the arts works. There's also a sun and moon. And when the setting sun hits it right it glows wonderfully. I'll go by there soon and will take more pictures. You can email me - info is in upper right above the blog archive.


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