Thursday, October 13, 2011

Frontier Scientists Want To Talk To You About Bears

I got an email from Frontier Scientists today. It says I subscribed to this, but I don't remember doing it. In any case, it's an interesting site. They describe it this way:

Frontier Scientists, an interactive website which connects Alaska field scientists to those curious about Arctic discoveries, has released a new series of vodcasts on the mighty grizzly bears of Denali National Park.

The short videos feature field biologists and interpreters who have the difficult task of keeping Alaska bears unacclimated to humans--and the humans who are visiting the Far North safe from bears. The vodcasts are produced by an award-winning Bend, Oregon videographer who specializes in backcountry nature films.
There are six films up:
Preserving Grizzly Bears and Visitor’s Experience
Front Country Interactions
Backcountry Incidents 
Denali’s Grizzly Population
Denali’s Rainbow Portal (No bears, just rainbows in Denali National Park)

Pat’s Big Bear

These links go to YouTube directly.  The Frontier Scientists site with the videos is here:

I like the idea of scientists setting up a space where the public can talk to them directly about their research.  That's the idea anyway.  Let's see how well it gets carried out. 

Here's the first one.

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