Friday, July 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Moni, Ropi, and Alex 2009

For the best birthday present anyone could ask for.

Alex, we're really glad to have you around to share this day.

This one takes a little more explaining. Ropi wrote the other day

I also bought him [his father for his birthday] Alaska Vodka [on the bottle it's spelled Alaszka. You can see it in the link.] In Hungary alcoholic drinks are very often given as gifts. Usually it is wine because Hungary is famous for its wines but my father doesn't like wine. . . I have never got alcoholic drink as gift because I scarcely drink alcohol.
So I figured he should get some real Alaska alcohol, and since he hardly drinks, a virtual bottle of Alaska Amber beer cooling on Exit Glacier is just fine.


  1. Thank you. Nowadays I play quite a lot role in your blog. :P

  2. And yes, Alaska is spellt as Alaszka in Hungarian but the pronunciation is the same more or less.

  3. Oh, I have just read that many people desire back the communist era in Eastern Europe. Not a long ago it was the 20th Anniversary of the fall of the Iron Curtain. Many people think that they lived better in those times. It is true that wages were a bit higher in those times. From the 1980s it was easier to go abroad amd living conditions improved so it may be true. Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if the USSR had won the Cold War.


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