Saturday, December 29, 2007 Anchorage Beach Hike

I haven't been on a hike since spring - too busy, too lazy, wrong time, wrong hike, lots of excuses. The concept is great - a website where people who want to meetup for some activity. But walking along the beach near Kincaid sounded just right and the time was fine.

We did ok coming down the steep embankment from the Jodphur parking lot. This big piece of driftwood was at the bottom, on the beach.

We were eight people and eight dogs, all of whom will sleep well tonight.

The strong tides in Cook Inlet tend to jumble the sea ice and leave a lot on the shore.

Doug Van Etten, the mastermind behind the adventurer group.

The clouds were heavy, but there was a break on the western horizon all afternoon giving us a peak of the Alaska Range. I think this is Mt. Redoubt.

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