Sunday, December 02, 2007

Anchorage International Film Festival - Super Shorts

We were supposed to watch the Shorts in Competition, but the DVD had been mislabeled so we saw the Super Shorts instead. They were good - I liked Wine Bar the best. A slick, funny movie, with great acting, and a delightful story about couples communication. Or maybe Quincy & Althea a much looser, but more genuine film of long married couple who can't find anyone to divorce them in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

[Picture from AIFF website]

Love is Love looked at the plight of heterosexuals in a world where they made up only a small percentage of the population. Saddest Little Boy in the World had all the technical stuff right, but the contrast between the intimacy the story implied and the lack of intimacy of the set and telling of the story didn't work for me - even if that contrast was intended.

I was not in a seat where I could unobtrusively use my camera, but I did get this one picture from Auto Bank where the character on the screen practices his customer greeting until that first customer drives up.

OK, I need to mention the One Minute Guides - we saw four - Mexico, Honduras, US, and Canada. Complete country guides ina minute. There were a lot of chuckles in the audience. I would say to the film makers that the ponging globe at the beginning of each guide should stop on or above the name of the country coming next. Two of us were disturbed by the fact that it didn't.

So we went to the Museum rather than see Christian's Henchmen at Out North, because the Henchmen was going to play again, but the Shorts in Competition weren't. But since they didn't show them tonight, we can see them next Friday at Out North.

We've seen a lot of shorts anthology. This was a very strong group of films.

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