Saturday, April 07, 2007 hike

I've been getting emails from Doug about joining an outdoor meetup group online. So I checked it out and decided to take advantage of someone organizing a hike while Joan was at Tai Chi this morning. Another great use of the internet to get people with similar interests to meet. This got me out into the woods for an eight mile hike from Rainbow to Potter Marsh. Lots of snow and some ice still. Wet feet at the end. Thanks Doug.

We even had a photographer from the Anchorage Daily News come part way to take a picture. Reminded me of how the media shapes the news to fit their needs for a good photo. Would we have taken a group picture without him? I don't think so. In this case it isn't a big deal, but in other cases the picture (even if not set up by the media) tells their story of the event.

And we even had some blue sky for a bit.

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