Sunday, April 29, 2007

Einstein Alive, Ginger, Bear Tooth

We went to see Marc Spiegel Friday night, in his Einstein incarnation. The Alaska Junior Theater brought him up, and since the Yom HaShoah performance, he's been to Dillingham, Barrow, Cordova (I think), and the Anchorage School District as Einstein. This picture was taken after an hour performance in which he explained - with song and sorta dance - the special theory of relativity to an audience at least 50% young kids. This picture is after the show when he invited anyone to stay after and ask him questions. These are just some of the kids who stayed to hear even more.

Afterward we tried out Ginger, a new restaurant on 5th Avenue with our camera shy ZZ buds. It didn't feel like being in Anchorage until we realized it was 11pm and we were the only people still there.

And tonight we saw Pan's Labrinth at the Bear Tooth and I couldn't resist this shot as we came out at midnight. I enjoyed the movie, despite the graphic violence, but have to think about it. The overlapping underground and underworld was a bit heavy handed, but I liked the praying mantis that turns into a fairy. And hidden in the credits was an homage to Cheech and Chong. The credits were in Spanish so I'm just guessing they were the two fairies that got their heads eaten.

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