Sunday, December 03, 2006

Leaving Delhi. Arriving LA, Beach

(Whoops, thought I'd published this, only saved it as a draft. So it comes after I've posted that we are home.)

There were a few times in India when I thought I would be ready for that airplane home. But as time got closer, I really didn't want to leave. The return to Delhi after the trip to the caves was wonderful. Nishant and Nitin picked us up at the airport and we went back to the guest house we'd been to before. The staff was welcoming. Delhi was familiar, but seemed cleaner, less chaotic, and much easier to be in. (More a reflection on our changes, not Delhi's, is my guess.) It was cooler than when we first came (low's around 15C(@60F), highs around 30C(85F), and considerably cooler and drier than south India. Nishant and Nitin were fantastic, as they were the whole time.

We somehow managed to land in New Jersey just after the storm left. Despite the pilot's warning that things would get turbulent (they served breakfast early and didn't serve hot tea or coffee), there was no turbulence, and the the sky was clear and the day beautiful. Santa Monica beach was glorious.

Most of the flight to LA we looked down thru crystal clear air at the dramatic landscape of the US. LA was spectacularly clear and just slightly cooler than Delhi, and much drier. Flying in you could see forever - including Catalina Island. It was good to see my Mom, and we didn't know our son would be there too. We'll see him again Tuesday in Seattle.

Drving back to my Mom's house last night on the Ventura and San Diego Freeways (I know, modern Angelinos use the numbers, but in the old days we used the names of the freeways, and that's how I know them), I was struck by how quiet it was. All I could hear was the whoosing noise of tires on the pavement. There were no loud engine noises. Cars stayed in their lanes. No autorickshaws. And the whole 20 minute drive I never heard a single car horn!

Word has been it's been 20 below F (-29C) in Anchorage. We're hoping it's warmed up before we get home Wednesday.

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