Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Jodie and David

Jodie was a student of mine as well as a graduate assistant in the program, and along with Linda did an incredible job helping (well I did the helping, they did the work) organize an international conference we hosted. They were spectacular in everything they did from answering calls and emails from around the world and giving advice on what to do in Anchorage, where to email copies of their presentations, and what clothes to bring. She also helped haul kayaks and canoes for the picnic, marked arrows on the ground to guide participants to the main building, raised thousands of dollars in grant money, helped convince the Native Mask makers who gave our opening presentation that we could be trusted, and more and more.

After she graduated with her Masters in Public Administration (MPA) she was getting ready for a second masters at the Northern Royal College of Music in Manchester, England (She's also a very talented clarinetist). But the funding for that fell through, so instead she flew to Colorado, then got on a bike and headed for Tierra del Fuego. A year and a half later, after biking to the southern tip of the Western Hemisphere, she flew home and got a job with Out North as their fund raiser. But she got married to David and they moved down to Seattle where he is an attorney - working on conscientious objector and other military cases. He was in the military and has been the equivalent to a public defender. Jodie is working for npower, a non-profit that helps "Puget Sound nonprofits use technology to better serve their communities." (Hey Jodie, you better tell them to add your name to the staff page on the website.)

They were over for breakfast Saturday during their Christmas trip home to Anchorage.

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