Thursday, October 19, 2006

Finally Converted - Poetry - Sudoku

I finally took the hint and converted to the new version of Blogger. Didn't seem to affect anything negatively. In fact my View Profile counter seems to be working again. It had been stuck on 12 for several months, and now is up to a whopping 18.

Checking blogs yesterday, I landed on one that featured poetry. I realized how hard it is in today's world to stop and take the time to appreciate poetry. We've learned to scan everything quickly and move on. But good poetry requires we stop and read carefully, and reread. Enjoy the words and imagery, not just quickly grab the content and move on. So I stopped and read more carefully and since there were no comments, composed a sonnet to convey some of these thoughts. It was much more fun than Sudoku (I finally went to a Sudoku site last night too, trying to figure out whether the 1 or the 4 is the easy rating, since my struggles with sudokus aren't consistent with the rating). Had to look up sonnets again to remember the rhyme scheme. If you really want to see my sonnet, you can go to Star Sequence. Since I incorporated phrases from his poem, it wouldn't make sense without also reading Old Women among the Stars. It's the first comment.

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