Tuesday, October 31, 2006

the best show on earth

"...India is the best show on earth, the best bazaar of human experiencs that can be visited in a lifetime...India will disolve your ideas about what it is to be a human being, what it is to be compassionate, what it is to be spiritual or conscious. Its people give new meaning to perseverance, courage, ingenuity, and friendship. India 's is a bewilderingly old culture, with myth and history so intertwined and layered that one knows immediately it cannot be known nor understood, only experienced." From the introduction to Traveler's Tales: India, edited by James O'Reilly and Larry Habegger

We leave LA at 10:35am, stop in Newark, then arrive in Dehli, if all goes well, at 9:15pm Nov 2. Rashmi has arranged for us to be met at the airport and taken to a guesthouse. We've started our malaria pills. I think we're ready. Can you ever be ready for India?

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