Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Snow, Sun, Rain, Warm, Wind, Snow, Ice, Cold, Sun

We had snow the day after we arrived in Chicago.  Since then we've had rain, clouds, sun, wind, and yesterday more snow.  It even got up to about 60˚F on Sunday.  But that was short lived.

Monday night, after dinner with relatives we hadn't seen in years - well, we'd seen the parents, but now it's just our generation left - it was snowing in the northern Chicago suburbs.

When we got back to where we're staying, there was no snow.  But the next morning, the windshield was solid ice.

And as we were headed to breakfast it started snowing again.  Today we'll fly back to Seattle, so yesterday was a low key day to just hang out with our friends and get ready to end this trip.

We had a great breakfast out.   Here's the remains of chocolate chip waffles.

Then over to the conservatory which is always nice, but on a snowy day would be great.

  It's hard to see the snow flying, but you can get a sense of the wind from the flag.   But inside was another world.

My granddaughter had a wonderful time looking at the giant lemons, smelling the different flowers, watching the huge koi and the turtles in the pond.

Then back into the snowy world of March 1, 2016.

These last few days, I have begun to understand why Outsiders are so leery of Alaska winter weather.  In Chicago, when it's 30˚F, it's cold!!

The sweatshirt over a couple of shirts I'd wear in Anchorage in that weather was totally inadequate in the sharp damp wind.

And today, as we get ready for our afternoon flight to Seattle, the sun is out again, but it's still chilly.

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