Monday, June 29, 2015

UA Presidential Search Update - The Only Candidate, Jim Johnsen, Might Visit UAA July 8 [UPDATED]

I've been working on a post comparing the UA presidential searches of 1990, 1998, 2010, and 2015.  My goal, following UA Presidential Search 1: The Cultural Conflict, is to show how the searches have gone from traditional, open academic style searches to ever more closed, Board controlled searches.

Gathering data for this has taken a while and now I realize I have way more than most of my readers want to know.  So now I'm editing it.  I also have material for four or five more posts on the search and the candidate.  We'll see how many I get done. 

In the meantime, I wanted to let people know that in an email communication from Jim Johnsen, I did learn that the campus visits are supposed to be the week of July 6, with the Anchorage visit scheduled for July 8.  I'm posting that here because I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere else and a few people have asked me.  The Board of Regents' Search Committee page's last announcement was June 4 - when they announced that there would only be one candidate visiting the campuses.

I put might in the title, because I'm wondering if the original schedule is still good.  

I'm not sure why they are waiting to announce the dates, but I think people should get as much advance warning as possible so they can arrange to see the candidate.

[UPDATE June 30, 2015:  As KS comments below, the schedule of visits is now up.  Here's a link to the whole schedule, and below is the Anchorage schedule.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015 - University of Alaska Anchorage
Meetings in UAA Consortium Library Room 307
8a-8:45a                      Meet with Governance Groups
9a-9:45a                      Meet with Faculty and Staff
10a-10:45a                  Meet with Students
11a-11:45a                  Meet with Alumni
12n-1:45p                    Lunch Break
2p-2:45p                      Meet with Deans and Directors
3p-3:45p                      Meet with Chancellor and Chancellor’s Cabinet
4:30p-6:30p                 Anchorage Community Forum at the Varsity Sports Grill in the Alaska Airlines Center]

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  1. The schedule's up now:


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