Sunday, June 28, 2015

No Limits On Human Imagination

Look at how these amazing Filipino artists - El Gamma Penumbra - use their bodies to convey beauty and an important message.  They've taken a traditional form or artistry in SE Asian cultures from Indonesia to Thailand - shadow puppets - and turned it into something entirely new.  Plus they had to work incredibly hard to make their artistry so precise. 

Here's part of Wikipedia's entry on El Gamma Penumbra:

Early career

El Gamma Penumbra was first founded in 2003 as a hip-hop boy group, competing in dance contests in their hometown. Before joining Pilipinas Got Talent, however, they changed their act thinking that there will be lesser chance of winning due to too many hip-hop dancers in the Philippines. Upon deciding to do shadow play, believing it is new and unique, they started practicing in a basketball court near their hometown using a tarpaulin and a halogen light as an improvisation.[3]
They decided to produce an all-male group members, meaning females are not included, due to the "extreme body movements and contact required of their routines."[4]

Thanks for the tip B.

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