Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Helping Mom

It's grey outside, but warm and muggy here in LA.  Lots to do.  The car battery was dead.  The kitchen sink faucet is leaking all over.  There are two letters from the IRS, one saying she owes money in one, and the other saying she didn't file, but there's a credit.  Well, they can't know she owes money if she didn't file.  I talked to the accountant who said yes, it was filed and it's just a question of the IRS locating the account where the payroll company put the withheld taxes for the caregiver.  I called the IRS and after going through their voice mail, the electronic voice said they are very busy now and to call back later. 

Then there's the picture that fell off the wall.  The screw that held the wire came out of the frame.  I'd rescrewed it in at a different spot, but apparently the wood is no good on that side and it can't hold the weight of the picture.  The picture is big and heavy and was frame about 40 years ago. 

There's always lots to do when I come to visit my mom.  It's ok though.  I'm glad she's still around to visit.  And she so enjoyed skyping with her great-grandkids last night.  But I need to take care of these things before jumping back into my other posts. 

I've been thinking lately about how life is about keeping up with things, not falling too far behind, and sometimes actually moving ahead. 

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